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Nov 22nd, 2017 at 11:38 pm
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Post Icon Posted: Apr 13th, 2014 at 07:07 pm

The reality is that many of these kids are playing with more poise and intensity than some of our vets but will not be rewarded for it in any meaningful way. The ones who lack experience will be sent back down and the others will often take a back seat to vets who will not show the same grit or intensity.

You can see the hunger…it is almost palpable…but will the Wings' brass go for it now or defer to the vets yet again. I am by no means suggesting that we dress all of the kids at the same time but I would like to see their role upgraded most nights…and that includes PP time.

I wish Sproul could stay up and be used a lot as a PP guy. He is capable of a third pairing role, despite the need to adjust to the bigger and faster players in this league. He seems to be a fast learner though and that shot from the right point can be lethal. I liked both him and Ouellet today and hope they can be regulars next season, along with Marchenko. Don't know where we would play them all…..put Big E back at forwardSmiley?

Mrazek is, in my opinion, light years ahead of Howie when it comes to handling the puck and supporting his D. He rarely makes a mistake with it and takes enormous pressure off the D by getting the puck to them instead of blindly throwing it away as Howie will do many times in a game. Babs comments after the game may have been a back door swipe at Howie, in that regard.

The Wings have done an excellent job of drafting and developing these players over the past five years. Now is the time to bite the bullet and get more and more of them into the regular line up.

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Mrazek and Howard have one big thing in common: both started pro as pretty darn good. I think its evident that Mrazek is going to have a good career.

Summer has interesting choices on defense.

I now even doubt quincey gets let go.
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I was out yesterday and I'm just in the process of watching the game...have finished to the end of the second period.

Sproul and Oulette have looked very good....apart from one play in the first where Sproul tried to step up at centre ice on a guy and the guy just walked around him and it created a 2 on 1. You aint in the AHL today Ryan! I can't get over how feisty and competitive Tatar is on virtually every possession. For a little guy he just battles hard for every puck and doesn't take any crap from anybody. I can't believe he was sitting in the pressbox for the first part of the season. He is a real energizer out there and with great skills to boot. Most energizers don't have this guys talent or skill set. I love this kid more and more every time I watch him play. Riley Sheahan just gets better and better every gamre too. Very patient, very calm and relaxed with the puck, a very good passer and what a snap shot that boy has. I never dreamed he would be this big of a contributor so soon. Plus he's a big kid who doesn't shy away from the heavy banging along the boards. And what can I say about Mrazek...his time is almost here....but how are we going to best utilize him? He may not be quite ready to take over the number one position, but his upside appears to be much higher than Jimmy's.

Pavel played a great game...he's obviously nowhere near 100%, doesn' have the explosiveness or quickness in his skating, but what a smart player, and on both sides of the puck. What's the deal with him playing the point on the Powerplay? I noticed at one point it looked like him on one side and Nyquist on the other. What the hey? And did I see Franzen playing the point in a previous game. Babs loves to use those forwards back there. I also noticed Quincy banging into people. He was really engaged in yesterday's game....perhaps the Blues style really brought out his more competitive side.

Great game against a wounded team, missing a number of players, but they wanted/needed this game for a number of reasons. St. Louis dominated us earlier in the year but yesterday we really took it to them. I'm not expecting to beat Boston....that would be foolish, but it wouldn't totally surprise me either. Looking forward to Friday night.
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